Designer drugs, alcohol deadly mix

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Designer Drugs, Alcohol: Deadly Mix

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As an ever-increasing number of intoxicants continue to make their way into communities throughout Huntsville and North Alabama, authorities are cautioning parents about the dangers of new designer drugs in combination with underage drinking. A recent incident illustrates the dangers of consuming these substances: A freshman student at the University of South Alabama was shot and killed by police on Oct. 6 after he violently spiraled out of control. The young man had been at college for just six weeks when the incident occurred. The young man took a hit of the newly popular drug 25-I, a substance that costs just about $10 for a hit. This research drug was imported from New Zealand by an Alabama distributor who then brought the substance to Mobile. This new intoxicant has not yet made it onto the state’s list of controlled substances, according to local authorities – and could still trigger a drug possession charge.

In response to this and other similar tragedies, law enforcement officers are stepping up their education campaigns for high school and early college students, along with their parents. Several critical facts have been highlighted during question and answer sessions with authorities. For example, alcohol is the substance most commonly abused by teens, followed closely by prescription medication from the family’s medicine cabinet. Surprisingly, prescriptions are more commonly used than marijuana (see marijuana trafficking) among the 12- to 18-year-old set. Furthermore, officers caution that youngsters can quickly reach a high BAC (blood alcohol concentration), sometimes after just a single drink. Teens are considered to be DUI if they display a blood alcohol content higher than 0.02% while operating a vehicle. This critical distinction in the law could leave teens more vulnerable to underage DUI charges.

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