Driver’s BAC allegedly measured at 5x legal limit

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Driver’s BAC Allegedly Measured at 5 Times the Legal Limit

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A driver in the southeastern United States is lucky to be alive after he was found passed out in his running vehicle with an extraordinarily high blood alcohol content. Officers say the man’s BAC was measured at five times the legal limit when he was identified in his vehicle on May 22. The man is facing charges of DUI in connection with the accident.

Experts say the man’s blood alcohol level measured at 0.418% and 0.408% after two breath tests. The nationwide legal limit for DUI is measured at 0.08%. In order to reach this high value, the man, weighing in at about 150 pounds would have had to drink the equivalent of 10 beers and seven shots in about three hours. Arresting officers said the readings were among the highest they had encountered in years of handling DUI. A BAC between 0.40 and 0.50% are associated with extreme alcohol poisoning and death. In other words, it is a miracle the man survived, much less that he was alert enough to converse with officers.

DUI lawyers in the area say the unusually high readings should be carefully scrutinized, as the man’s physical capabilities and state did not seem to match the breath test readings. They suggest the man’s attorney should ask for maintenance records for the breathalyzer device, along with calibration information and other performance results. A faulty breath test may serve as a critical piece of evidence used to exonerate the driver in this DUI case. The man has accrued two previous DUI charges in Georgia, both in the early 2000s. He is facing a misdemeanor DUI charge after this incident.

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