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Have you been accused of burglary in Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur, Scottsboro, Guntersville, or a surrounding Alabama area? It's imperative that you contact a trusted defense lawyer to help you avoid conviction! Our lawyers have decades of combined experience defending an array of criminal cases - let us put that experience to work for you. No matter what burglary charges you may be faced with, now is the time to obtain an experienced criminal defense that can fight to defend your rights and best-interests. Schedule your free consultation today by calling (256) 539-4464 or completing a case evaluation form online.

Burglary Charges in Huntsville and North Alabama Areas

There are three different degrees of burglary in Alabama, each with its own associated penalties.

First-degree burglary is considered a Class A felony in the state of Alabama and is charged when one or more individuals knowingly and illegally enter the premises of others' property with the sole intention of committing a crime. First-degree burglary is also charged for individuals who, in addition to trespassing and indulging in unlawful activities:

  • Are armed with deadly weapons and / or explosives
  • Threaten to use or immediately draw dangerous instruments
  • Cause physical harm to innocent individuals not partaking in the crime

Second-degree burglary charges are served to one or more individuals who knowingly enter or dwell in another person's property unlawfully with the intent of committing a theft or felony. Second-degree charges are considered as Class B felonies and are applicable to individuals who apart from gaining unauthorized access to another individual's property or building, also involve in the following:

  • Causing physical injury to innocent non-participants
  • Carry deadly weapons and / or explosives
  • Use or threaten to use dangerous instruments

In a sub-section, individuals can also be charged with second-degree burglary if they knowingly and illegally enter a lawfully occupied home with the intent of committing felony or theft.

Third-degree burglary charges are considered a Class C felony in Alabama and include individual(s) who knowingly as well as unlawfully enter and remain in the building, which is owned by another individual with the intent of committing a felony, theft, or any other crime.

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