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If you've been accused of robbery in Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, or a surrounding area - it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense lawyer. No matter how grim your case may seem - you have a chance at winning.

What you need to know about robbery charges

The Code of Alabama 1975 incorporates all rules and regulations pertaining to robbery under Title 13A Criminal Section (last updated on May 2006). Robbery crimes in North Alabama are classified into three distinct categories:

First-degree robbery charges are categorized as Class A felonies, are in violation of Section 13A-8-43, and are applicable to individuals if:

  • They are armed with dangerous instruments or deadly weapons
  • They cause serious injury to other persons not involved in the robbery
  • They are in possession of articles that can be fashioned into a deadly weapon
  • There is adequate reason to believe the person is armed (evidence verbally or otherwise)
  • They are found in possession of deadly weapons with prima facie evidence

Second-degree robbery charges are issued when the individual violates Section 13A-8-43 and is helped by one or more individuals. All second-degree robbery charges are Class B felonies.

Third-degree robbery is classified under a Class C felony. It is applicable to individuals who commit a theft or felony knowingly and who:

  • Threaten to use force against owners or any other person present at the scene with the intent of escaping the property or acquiring the targeted items
  • Threaten to use force against owners or any other person present at the scene with the intent of escaping the property or acquiring the targeted items

The final sentence for any robbery charges is also influenced by whether or not you have been previously convicted, potentially attracting higher fines and additional jail time.

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